Progress Report

This blog will most likely have long periods of time in between posts as I stress over what to post.  I’ll start with a brief progress report.  I have a few projects I am working on so that when I get stuck on one I can move onto another.

The Switch Pitcher: Genre: General Fiction.
Self published May 2010 through Xlibris Inc.  Sold through the Xlibris store as well as Barnes and Noble  and in paperback and ebook formats.  Currently undergoing revisions so I can submit it to traditional publishers.

Angels of Might and Mercy: Warrior Angels: Work in progress. Approximate word count: 55k words. Genre: Fantasy
I started this draft for the 2010 National Novel Writing Month competition.  Summary to come later.  Work in progress cover art:

Archy Sparks and the Think Tank: Work in Progress. Approximate word count: 54k words.  Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
I started this story in October 2007 and am still working on it.  Summary to come later.
Reminiscent: Work in Progress. Approximate word count: 80k words. Genre: Science Fiction
Inspired by a nightmare I had in 2004 and wrote almost exclusively late at night when I couldn’t sleep during the year of 2004.  I put this away in 2005 and just recently pulled it back out to see if anything would come from it.

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