How sad is it that I’m one of the last generations that new what the cards are for in the opening sequence?  I remembered the toys for this movie and I remembered the Stay Puft marshmallow man.   It was therefore, not only a pleasant end to the course, but a wonderful refresher.  Yep, I’m hoping the rumors are true that they’re getting back for a third one just because the first is so funny.

Let’s see, what makes this a ghost story?  I’ll try to recount as many as I can.

  • Moving objects
  • Mist creature
  • Ectoplasmic
  • Exploding eggs
  • Demonic voices
  • Demons in the fridge
  • Creepy guy going after the girl
  • “Psychic” medium
  • Possession

So much fun.  Oh, thank you for assigning this at the end of the course.  I needed some Bill Murray to liven it up from Lovely Bones and Ghost Story.


2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters”

  1. Are you meaning the library catalogue cards? Heh heh heh. Yeah, there are a few of us still here. “No human being would stack books like this.” Too right. All mine are side-by-side. Hah!

    But, yes, it was/is an absolute delight to relax and laugh away some time with the Ghostbuster’s Crew. (Did you note the license plate on the old ambulance? It says “Ecto 1.” hahaHAHAHA!!) Everything about this flick is hilarious, even the red-haired Mr. prick err, Peck, who was determined to shut down the operation. I know suits like that. I hate them. But the dialogue in this flick—HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!—is so hilarious I nearly broke my whole left side laughing. That’s the result each and every time I watch the movie. It’s classic.

    Louis: “I’m gonna bring this up at the next tenants’ meeting. You’re not supposed to have any pets in the building.” (hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha! )

    It hits many of the metaphysical bases—home runs if you ask me—and also is a great story about how important it is to ensure that (metaphorical) oil and water don’t mix. Close the portal!

    So, yes, I totally agree with your blog. Ghostbusters is a marvelous way to close down the class and the readings and leaves us with a smile in our face. Prof. Johnson is quite the entertainer. 

  2. Love the Ghostbusters. Don’t love the Dewey Decimal system. I remember learning it in school; however, I don’t think I could use it now. I think this movie was great in a number of ways, and I also think the movie helped inspire certain aspects of the genre that are alive and kicking today. It was a great capstone to the class.

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