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I’ve made a number of friends through the WPF program with Seton Hill.  A good number of those are very consistent with blogging about their writing and experiences.  I’m not very good at that…. clearly.  The fact is that I have never been good at even keeping a journal.  For the most part I’ve limited my blog posts to thoughts about what we’ve read in the Readings in the Genre courses.

During the months between residency we take a Reading in the Genre course and work on our thesis.  We also have two times when we all get onto the school servers for a program wide chat on various subjects.  In this last chat session I was in the room for branding.  It gave me a lot to think about and I still feel completely lost as to what I’d have my “brand” and tag line.  One of my author friends write Romance thrillers and has a book coming out soon.  Her tag line is “Even heroes need a happy ever after.”  And my mentor has a tag line in his email signature.  The other thing we talked about in the chat was about your involvement with not writing issues such as current events.  I’m still very lost with what I’d do in these areas.  I know there are certain subjects I would avoid blogging or tweeting about.

So that’s a lot of what’s been going through my mind lately from school.  And this is an attempt to blog outside of my thoughts on our RIG readings.  (Though one is coming in the next few days).   The only progress on branding that I’ve made is that I would need a few since I’m publishing under pen names.  I can’t come up with anything or tag lines for most of them other than my horror persona but I’m not sure I should use it or even type it here for fear of giving the wrong impression…. wait, no one reads this unless it’s a post for the RIG class…..


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  1. I don’t have a tag line, but I try to blog about the same type of things so I can build an audience. I blog about gaming, writing, horror and survival. As for the RiG stuff, I keep it separate.

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