Favorite shows

So in my quest to blog more I’m going to follow some advice from my blogging friends and writers. I have forty minutes to blog until the start of the next episode of Castle. Awesome show, right? Of course it is. I’ve seen every episode and my wife finally sat down to watch it with me towards the end of the third season. I know! An intense place to start. So whenever there is a week when there isn’t a new episode of Castle, we watch an old episode to get her caught up.

Speaking of shows, we are very excited for the return of Psych. It has been far too long of a wait for that show. We’ve both have been fans since the very first episode. We’ve found that we make the few shows we watch into mini dates after the kids go to bed and I’ve worked on my novel. (Now I’m trying to get her hooked on Doctor Who which I’m watching right now…) Oh, forget blogging. He’s a Time Lord!

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