Declaring Independence


This isn’t just a day to blow stuff up. Although that may be fun. It’s a day where we should remember the events that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I think it’s also a day where we should dedicate ourselves to the improvement of this great nation.

I recently attended a college graduation ceremony and witnessed something that has bothered me since. One of the heads of the program would not sing the national anthem. Now I remember kids acting the same way in school because they didn’t agree with one thing or another. To which I think not singing the national anthem is a lame result. This nation was created for change. We have a system that allows change. We just have some people that are not up to the responsibility. So I say that instead of refusing to sing a song because you don’t agree with what is happening in the nation, get involved. There are so many opportunities to be involved in your community that have a greater possibility for improving this nation than to just fold your arms and refuse to sing.

I firmly believe that this is one of the many ideals in the Founding Fathers. They wanted to create a system where we can be involved. So get involved. The system is set so get involved. Go to town meetings. Write your officials. Follow their twitter and facebook pages and respond to their questions and posts. Get on their email lists. Don’t rely on the news networks. They’re all just companies. Go directly to the source. The men and women serving in government.

I actually do this. I didn’t vote for the Representative in my area, but I still recognize that he is the elected official and his office is great at answering my emails when I have questions. I’ve looked into our town meetings and seeing when I can attend those. You don’t have to do that if it isn’t your thing. But you should follow the social media feeds of your representatives because you can communicate your feelings from your phone.

There. I’m done. Have a great Fourth of July and stay safe.

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