NaNoWriMo 2011

I have mostly decided that I will be doing National Novel Writing Month this November.  It will be my 3rd time so here’s hoping.  I already know that there will be difficulties as our second child will be born in November.  Now for a story….

Becoming a Griffin

No, this isn’t the title to another unfinished project.  My wife often reminds me of the many unfinished manuscripts I have on my plate.
I have the honor of being accepted to Seton Hill University in the Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction.  I start in January.  I am excited for the experience this will give me in my young writing career.

Droid Distraction

I admit that I haven’t focused on writing as much as I should have. I blame my tech hobbies.  At the end of January I bought an Android tablet from China and have been enjoying it too much when I  should be writing.  The battles of the nephalim and malachim are filling my head which is encouraging.  I plan on completing the first draft of Angels of Might and Mercy by the end of the month.

Working Summary for Guardians

Updated: Jan 2013

Synopsis: Guardians
Darkness is growing. The demon lords have new weapons in their arsenal. No longer are they limited to tempting and deceiving mankind into darkness. The Nephalim can now physically harm mortals.
The Malachim, the guardians of mankind, face war and crisis from every front. For centuries, the Malachim and Nephalim fought for the protection or destruction of mankind.   As the Malachim warriors ward off onslaughts from the demon lords upon their own ranks, they must also face the reality of demon attacks upon their mortal charges.

Isaac and his twin sister Rachel, have lived seventeen years unaware of their warrior guardians Malchediel and Adina. As evidence of their growing power, the Nephalim advance on Isaac.   In desperation, the Malachim accept the changing terms of the war and instruct Isaac with secrets that gives him the power to control Malachim and Nephalim.

But can Isaac resist the temptation to use the power solely for himself and Rachel?

Status: First Draft

Progress Report

This blog will most likely have long periods of time in between posts as I stress over what to post.  I’ll start with a brief progress report.  I have a few projects I am working on so that when I get stuck on one I can move onto another.

The Switch Pitcher: Genre: General Fiction.
Self published May 2010 through Xlibris Inc.  Sold through the Xlibris store as well as Barnes and Noble  and in paperback and ebook formats.  Currently undergoing revisions so I can submit it to traditional publishers.

Angels of Might and Mercy: Warrior Angels: Work in progress. Approximate word count: 55k words. Genre: Fantasy
I started this draft for the 2010 National Novel Writing Month competition.  Summary to come later.  Work in progress cover art:

Archy Sparks and the Think Tank: Work in Progress. Approximate word count: 54k words.  Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
I started this story in October 2007 and am still working on it.  Summary to come later.
Reminiscent: Work in Progress. Approximate word count: 80k words. Genre: Science Fiction
Inspired by a nightmare I had in 2004 and wrote almost exclusively late at night when I couldn’t sleep during the year of 2004.  I put this away in 2005 and just recently pulled it back out to see if anything would come from it.

First thoughts

I am a little nervous about starting a blog for my progress as a writer.  I have a personal blog out in the abyss about my family.  However, as I am trying to grow my career as an author, I realize that it would probably be good to start with a few self advertising venues.

Welcome to my blog about the various ideas I have colliding in my head.  I want to be able to discuss ideas and projects but realize that I often will not be able to post details as that could hinder the ability to be published later on.  I hope you enjoy my little, relatively harmless, bit of self promotion.

Take a look around.  I will be adding more links and content to old work and ideas.  I have a page at Goodreads and Facebook so I hope you’ll follow along and offer support.